09 October 2013

Research notes: biblical honey

Random thoughts:
“…milk and honey…” combines the produce of herd and agriculture.

There is honey from domestic hives but also from wild bees of woodland and dessert.

Honey may have been a sacrifice to the "hill top gods" of Canaan.

Despite my previous blog, it is possible that there is provision for today e.g. milk and provision for tomorrow e.g. honey in the phrase.

The Proverbs and Song of Songs reference may be rife with sexual innuendo.

Biblical Citations:

Hebrew              דְּבָשׁ    debash Strong # 1706
“honey/honeycomb” from “to be gummy” e.g. “honey” from its stickiness and
by analogy “syrup”  also “date honey” “grape honey”

Genesis               43:11    “a little balm and a little honey”
Exodus 3:8        “a land flowing with milk and honey”
Levit      20:24
Jerem   11:5
Num      13:27    “surely it floweth with milk and honey”
              14:8       “land which floweth with milk and honey”
Deut      6:3
              11:9       “land that floweth with milk and honey”
Josh      5:6
Ezek      20:6       “for them, flowing with milk and honey”
              27:17    “for them, flowing with milk and honey”

 Exodus 16:31    “it was like wafers made with honey”

 Levit      2:11      “shall burn no leaven nor any honey”

Deut      8:8         “a land of olive and honey”
II Kings  18:32

Deut      32:13    “him to suck honey out of the rock” Rock = Strong's 6697
Psalm 81:16       “with honey out of the rock”
Hebrew                             צוּר      tsur       “rock” “stone” “strength” “cliff” “refuge”

 Judg      14:8       “honey in the carcass of the lion”
              14:18    “what is sweeter than honey”

I Sam    14:25    “there was honey upon the ground”
              14:26    “the wood, behold, the honey dropped”
              14:29    “I tasted a little of this honey”
              14:43    “I did taste a little honey”

 II Sam   17:29    “and honey and butter and sheep”

 I Kings   14:3       “cracknels and a cruse of honey”

II Chron 31:5       “of corn, wine, and oil and honey”

 Job        20:17    “the floods, the brooks of honey”

 Psalm 119:103   “yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth”

Prov      24:13    “My son, eat though honey because it is”
              25:16    “Hast thou found honey?”
              25:27    “It is not good to eat much honey”

 Song      4:11      “honey and milk under thy tongue”
 Song       5:11      “have eaten my honeycomb with my honey”

Isaiah    7:15      “honey shall he eat, that he may know”
              7:22      “honey shall everyone eat that is”

 Jer         41:8       “barley, oil, honey”

 Ezek      3:3        “in my mouth as honey”

              16:13    “thou didst eat fine flour and honey”
              16:19    “fine flour and oil and honey”

              27:17    “what of Minnith and Pannag and honey”

Honey with Honeycomb Strong's # 5317 unless noted otherwise:
               Hebrew                            נֹ֫פֶת  nopheth “dripping” flowing honey from the comb

Psalm    19:10    “sweeter also than honey in the honey comb”

 Song       5:11      “have eaten my honeycomb with my honey” Strong's honeycomb #3293
              Hebrew                            יָ֫עַר       ya’ar     “thicken” “hived in trees”      ?wild honey?      

 I Sam    14:17    “in his hand, dipped it in an honeycomb”

 Honeycomb Strong's # 5317 unless noted otherwise:

 Prov      5:3         “strange women drop as an honeycomb”

              16:24    “pleasant words are as an honeycomb”

              24:13    “honeycomb which is sweet to thy tongue”

              27:7       “the full soul loatheth an honeycomb”

 Song      4:11      “lips, O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb”



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