07 December 2010

In this season, as in all seasons...

[This article is probably the most popular thing, I have ever written.  I wrote it first to use as our Christmas card insert; then it was published in the church newsletter as part of LIGHT! (Advent 2005) and I think it was published at least once again.  Lots of people have "borrowed" it and I've gotten it back in emails and other's cards; a few asked permission first.  I still love it and hope you will too.  In this season as in all seasons... by K Cummings Pipes]

It's that time of year. Everyone is or soon will be "making a list and checking it twice." I've even made a list of my lists. Rush, rush, busy, busy! The list is long and the time is short. I hope not too short for prayer and meditation in this season as in all seasons.

I want to make time to remember that long ago God's people waited in expectant hope for God to act, to redeem, to lead, to reveal. I want to remember that long ago, in a season of darkness, there was light.

I want to celebrate God's provision in the winter beauty of Creation. I want to remember that there was oil for Temple lamps. I want to see glorious light on Bethlehem's hills and hear songs of peace and good will. I want to look for the star that led the wise to an improbable manger where all power was wrapped in the weakness of a sleeping child.

In this season as in all seasons, I want to sing the old songs that are forever new and remember that "heaven came down and glory filled my soul... My sins were washed away and my night was turned to day..."

In this season, when days are short and the night is long, I want to remember and to wait in expectant hope.