18 September 2012

Maybe... Soon

I confess that not only have I been too busy, too depressed, too disinterested to attend to my blog but I have been too busy, too depressed, too disinterested to read anyone else's except for those who have shared a link to facebook. Ah, facebook. I think all the incessant political rants from both sides are not helping that depression thing at all.

This weekend I began to miss you. I decided perhaps I really don't want to be a hermit and live in isolation.
In the last day or two I've decided that facebook is nice but I miss the longer posts and meanderings of friends. I miss you.

I've been gone from blogger so long that I forgot my password and had to recover my account. I have been reading but perhaps not thinking too deeply or interacting with the text enough to have anything worthwhile to say.
And I can tell that it is going to take some time to catch up. Today I'll start reading and some day... maybe... soon... I'll find the energy to comment on your posts and write one of my own.

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