26 August 2010

Always. Sometimes. Never.

Taking my cue from Chelsie, I made a list:

I Always...

1) read three or more books at time and finish every book I start--eventually.
2) begin the day with at least 2 large cups of coffee.  Black & strong.
3) say yes to ice cream.
4) fasten my seat belt before ignition.
5) have an opinion, even if I'm not very interested in the subject.

I Sometimes...

1) wish I were more adventurous  (or at least less sensible and cautious) and knew how to have wild, crazy fun.  But then I'd probably have less time to read.
2) put an Earl Greyer teabag in my cup, pour in the hot java, and enjoy bergamot coffee.
3) talk too much and too loudly.
4) imagine entire worlds of people (living, dead, literary, completely made up in my own mind) and have long discussions with them.
5) change my mind.

I Never...

1) paint my nails.
2) wear a watch--since they won't run if they touch me anyway--and I believe that time is a purely theoretical concept, is finitely elastic (like a rubber band, it stretches and stretches until it breaks), and is too precious to waste.
3) really enjoy travel, although I like to think about it and plan for it and pretend that I'm going to do it someday.
4) tire of Impressionist art or say no to any museum.
5) finish my "to do" list.

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