03 July 2010

While I'm reading...

Based in part on my recent blog poll, I'm playing with this post while adding a few "monetize" things.  I'm not sure I'm keeping them but the Amazon links may prove useful to readers who want to preview or browse some of the books I recommend.  In the interests of full disclosure, I will of course be paid for referrals although I doubt that it's going to amount to much.  I will undoubtedly donate and monies to a literacy charity or a library.  I'll be sure to update all my readers.  The Amazon Associates process is easy.  There is a good selection of widgets.  Amazon Associates puts a right side bar beside my text editor which makes it easy to select links and images.  All the links in this article are to Amazon.

While I'm reading, I often sip a cup of coffee.  I drink a lot of coffee, 4-6 cups every day.  Coffee, java, a cup of Joe... should be very hot, and strong, and generally black... although a half scoop of Bluebell Homemade Vanilla in the cup is delish.   I'm enjoying my Keurig coffeemaker although my favorite K-Cup is the one I make with my Gevalia coffees, especially Kona and La Procope.  My favorite pre-prepped K-cups are:   Timothy's Nicaraguan Fair Trade Extra Bold and Green Mountain's Kona blend.  I'm not usually much on flavored coffees but I just adore
Green Mountain's Wild Moutain Blueberry.
While I'm reading, I often grab an apple and call it lunch.

While I'm reading, I often listen to music... instrumental only, lyrics are words and distract... not too loud.  I like lots of the New Age stuff ( Yanni is a particular favorite) as well as Classical and sometimes Jazz.  The links in this article are so far are text links to Amazon but I could also do image links like this.   Which may be a bit in your face.

While I'm reading, I often have a hand buried in Mandy's lush fur.

Do you find the scroll slideshow of books distracting?
I'm not sure the blue background works.
Is a monetized blog offensive?


BrandyMcD said...

Hey it works! And I didn't even notice the slideshow until you pointed it out. We've been so trained to filter it out I guess.

B2 said...

Jazz works best for my reading pleasure, or solo piano.