03 December 2009

VOTE! Houston Run-Off

Let one of those jingle bells be a reminder of the run-off election. Early voting is underway now. My endorsements in this race go to:

ANISE PARKER for Mayor of Houston because she is the better qualified candidate with the background, experience, and independence to do the job. Hubby said he was voting Locke in the main election but changed his mind and like me voted for Ray Morales. Locke's tax returns raised issues that concern us. As we have learned just how strong the influence of the Houston Sports Authority is with this candidate and because the one thing Houston needs least is yet another stadium burden, it's easy for both of us to go with Anise, a Rice alumna. As her campaign brochure said, "What's wrong with sensible?"

We don't live in District A or F, so I don't get to vote for City Council in those races but I urge those who can to consider Al Hoang in District F because I like his concerns for Southwest Houston and the infrastructure.

Stephen C. Costello, Houston Council at-large position 1, had my vote in the main election and easily retains it for the run-off since he is the qualified candidate in this race. He is a civil engineer with the background to decide Houston's most important issues: infrastructure, flooding, environmental and he also has the experience to handle the business end of the city.

Sue Lovell, Houston Council at-large position 2, is doing a good job. She had my vote in the main election and will have it in the run-off.

Jack Christie, Houston Council at-large position 5, had my vote in the main election and retains it based on his concerns and views regarding recycling, environment, and infrastructure which align well with mine. He gets a boost because the incumbent opponent has sometimes irritated me greatly with ill-considered statements.

M.J. Kahn, City Controller, gets my reluctant vote because he is the only choice left in the race who may be qualified to do the job. If his opponent cannot manage his own finances, I can't trust him with my city.

Anna Eastman, HISD Trustee District I, was my choice in the main and remains so in the runoff. This may be the rare race that has two acceptable candidates.

Early voting continues through Tuesday, December 8. Election Day is Saturday December 12. Early voting locations and election day polling places and other information is available at: http://www.harrisvotes.com/

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