15 July 2009

Everything old is new again! At least the pipes...

Our house is 50+ years old, almost as old as we are. Now and then it requires some major maintenance. Most recently, we had noted excessive rust coming out the water pipes. After some investigation, it was clear that we needed to consider repiping the house. An expensive repair and one that can be disruptive, if not destructive. With a remodelled kitchen and a newly redecorated bath, we didn't wish to tear into the walls. Earlier this month TDT Plumbing used the ACE DuraFlo system to "make everything old, new again." It was an interesting project.

I documented the project on my website:


More information from TDT Plumbing, Houston, TX


The clear pipe demo of the epoxy fill:

Note the importance of capitalization in the title of this post:
the pipes are new; the Pipes are just another day older.


Chelsie said...

Cleaver, cleaver title....

Bobbie said...

Written with "chiastic" structure?