05 March 2009

Dynamic Bibliography

After several years of working in solitude, I'm enjoying a small academic community with a trio of doctoral candidates in English literature. Last week I enjoyed a cup of coffee and a visit with BD (Rice U) at the lovely Brochstein Pavilion. Having mentioned an article that I thought would be of interest, I sent her a link to the citation:

Spurlock, John C. & Magistro, Cynthia A.: “Dreams never to be realized”: emotional culture and the phenomenology of emotion. J. Social History, Vol. 28, No.2, Winter, 1994


Spurlock & Magistro (psychology) have published some rather interesting work on the development of women’s emotional consciousness, their societal roles, and the history of gender equality.

This article concerns the diary of Gladys Bell, (early 1900s) and note number 42 mentions Laddie by Evelyn Whitaker as describing the Victorian ideal of manhood. However, when I first came across this article in early 2004 the author of Laddie was listed as anonymous. Now the author is identified and is linked to the Wikki article which I wrote and edit now and then.

Bibliographies and footnotes are no longer static. WOW! (this is the sort of thing that really excites a librarian) Even an old citation can be corrected and expanded and the web of knowledge grows. It's nice to play a small part in the weaving.

Should you wish to view that description of ideal manhood from Laddie, on-line versions are available from Google digitization (descriptions of Dr. Carter on Chapter 2, pages 20 ff. and pages 64-67 where he confesses his momentary weakness to the ideal Victorian woman, and again during hospital rounds page 81 ff.) and from archive.org both of which are linked from the digitized titles page at

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